Tommy Dog Walks for Amsterdam Southeast and Diemen


All dog owners want the very best for their dog, don’t they? We like them to explore new sights and smells, to run and play and socialise with other dogs – always sure in the knowledge that our dog is safe. But if you have a busy life, you may not always have the time to give your furry friend the adventurous walk he or she needs. That’s where Tommy Dog Walks comes in:

Tommy Dog Walking Service takes group walks twice daily (Monday through Friday), in the morning we are in the woods from around 9:30/10:00 onwards, in the afternoon from around 12:30/13:00 onwards. Our group walks last at least 75 minutes, making your dog happy and tired.

We are located near The Diemerbos, our main walking area. We collect your dog with a 100% electric-powered, pet-friendly van – quiet, clean and with extra ventilation for the good of the dogs. The van offers all dogs, large or small, a crated, comfortable and safe ride.


Max Mochèl, owner of Tommy Dog Walks, will meet with you and your dog beforehand and talk through all the details of our dog walking service.Tommy Dog Walks


Max often takes very professional dog pictures during the walks! Have a look at the gallery. For more fotos and videos check our facebook or instagram pages!





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