General terms and conditions


  • Your dog is well socialized with humans and other animals.
  • Your dog may run without leash and knows basic commands such as Stay, Come, Sit.
  • Sick dogs, dogs on heat and puppies cannot join.
  • With extreme weather conditions, Tommy Hondenuitlaatservice (“Tommy”) endeavours to adapt the services for dogs to not run any health risks. E.g. earlier walks to avoid the hottest time of the day.
  • Unless otherwise agreed or communicated, Tommy is closed on national holidays. On top of that there is a Christmas closure (2 weeks) and a summer closure (2 weeks). Each closure is communicated to very well in advance. You can also always find the data on


  • Your dog has to be vaccinated against Weil, Parva, dog sickness and kennel cough. We will ask you for your dog’s vaccination passport.
  • The dog is and must have been regularly treated against flee, teaks and worms.


  • Your dog must be included in your liability insurance.
  • You will always remain liable for damage done by your dog(s), including damage to third parties.
  • Tommy is in no way liable for running away, injuries or sickness of your dog.
  • Your dog may sometimes be wet or dirty after walks; Tommy is not liable for any damage caused to your interior.
  • Tommy is entitled to call in veterinary assistance at your cost. If possible, you will be informed about the situation first.


  • All payments are due within 14 days after date of invoice, by bank to the bank account of Max Mochel.

Incidental walks

  • If you want Tommy to take your dog for an incidental walk, Tommy will always endeavour to place it. However, dogs with a monthly subscription or 10 ride ticket take priority.
  • When cancelling an incidental walk, Tommy will not charge you for that walk.

10- Ride ticket

  • A 10- ride ticket expires 6 months after the first walk.

 Monthly subscription

  • A monthly subscription is available for dogs that walk with Tommy for at least once a week, at a regular day and time. The dog with a subscription takes priority over others.
  • The monthly subscription is to be paid in advance, at the beginning of each month.
  • The monthly subscription will automatically be extended to the next month even when the dog is absent or when e.g. Tommy is closed for (part of) the month in connection with a communicated closure.
  • The subscription can be terminated in writing, one month in advance.
  • With the monthly subscription the customer pays a fixed monthly sum which is calculated as follows:  price per walk x number of walks a week x 45 service weeks a year / 12 months. The price per walk differs depending on the number of walks a week. For these prices see


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